Catalog Info
Object Properties:
Order Number: JP50363
Use Case: Infotext
Physical Properties:
Mass: 40.5 kg
Geometrical Properties:
LOG: 3
BIM enhanced:
ETIM 7.0
Wastewater pump unit:
Suitable for faeces: yes
Material tank: Plastic
Quality class of reservoir: PE-80
Pump casing material: Cast iron
Quality class of pump casing: Cast iron GG 25 (GJL-250)
Suitable for outdoor installation: yes
Set-up behind toilet bowl: no
Number of pumps: 1
Discharge head at nom. flow rate: 39 m
Max. dimension of fixed parts: 318.5 mm
With cutting system: no
Connection on supply side: Compression ring
Diameter of connection on supply side: DN 32
Connection voltage: EV020204
Motor power input (P1): 4.2 kW
Motor power output (P2): 3.42 kW
Nominal current: 7.3 A
Width: 318.5 mm
Depth: 248.2 mm
Height: 387 mm
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